About Us

EduXtra Inc.

Our Services

1. Create Innovative Solutions that will modify Educational Systems and Processes
2. Deploy Technological advancements towards changing Teaching & Learning methods i.e. software development and programmes for educational purposes.
3. Private Tutoring & Mentoring Services i.e. match students to tutors to teach a wide variety of subjects, this will be done based on geographical proximity, we match students to tutors closest to them for easy access and on time delivery of services.
4. Skill Acquisition and Vocational Education Services i.e. , We provide training on various skill sets through qualified professionals ranging from different types of IT skills, professional courses, artisanal skills etc.
5. Provision of Online Educational Content. I.e., we will give access to an array of educational content for research purposes, leisure, assignments etc.

Our Objectives

• To improve learning methods for students, the learning methods and processes in Nigeria and most part of Africa are monotonous and lack any innovative input.
• To reorientate the mind of the uneducated to accept a form of education by learning new skills to improve their livelihood.
• To curb insecurity & youth restiveness which is very common in this part of the world which is a third world country in Africa, this is due to lack of adequate education and skill.
• To create easy access to private lessons given by trained professionals, access to skill acquisition and vocational education
• To give teachers an opportunity to earn an extra income.
• To introduce innovative solutions to our educational system.