In the real sense EduXtra is a business that provides educational services, however it goes beyond that, we simply care about the welfare of the children, the aspiring youth and also the teachers.

  • We want to make sure that your children is top of their class in all subjects by giving them the best simplified learning experience by matching them with highly qualified tutors who equally care and are determined to make sure your child excels.
  • We want to give our budding youths either educated or not an opportunity to learn a skill, it may be a skill needed to earn a living or a skill needed for career advancement or personal growth, either way we got your back.
  • In our present society, teachers don’t earn so much, that’s why we put together this platform for them to be part of the EduXtra team and earn something extra apart from their salary, doing what they love and what they are qualified for, by becoming elite private tutors.